A world leading entertainment company was rolling out new stores across Europe. They had an idea of the look and the effect they wanted for the store fronts. It involved an illuminated arch portal to produce a constantly changing array of colours with random sprays of fibre-optic light that created a magical effect.

Not your everyday brief. And yet not so different from many others - in the sense that we often go to great lengths to meet the most challenging and unusual demands.

Our R&D team relish complex problems like this. They take them in their stride – finding new materials and production methods, building prototype models for close-up inspection, and coming up with results that deliver not only high impact signage but impressive savings for clients.

Once you have made your initial enquiry with us, our team of experts will set up a consultation with you, ensuring all the requirements are there to operate and install your sign in a safe manner. Once this has taken place, our team will then par-take in-depth research for your project, whether that being researching the best design plan, or undertaking the best techniques to get the results you desire.

With our team of researchers, we look at active brands that you take influence from and ensure that all the aspects of that are included in your final project. Once the initial research is completed, we then pass the project over to our production team who will start constructing the final project. As a business, we pride ourselves with quality workmanship as well ensuring that all of our projects are made using nothing but the highest quality materials to guarantee that your signage is incredibly durable against all types of weather and natural wear and tear.

The crucial side to the research is so that we can ensure that the image that you wish to project for your business is shown through your signage. We take great pleasure in developing a sign that is designed and manufactured the way you desire and we endeavour to help you get from the initial research period to the sign installation smoothly.


We understand that there are so many different requirements when it comes to signage making and at John Anthony Signs no project is too big or too small. We have many years within the industry and our team of experts will ensure that working with us is both a pleasant and easy journey.

We are one of the leading signage companies around with a vast number of skills and knowledge, offering professional yet affordable service. With our research, we can understand exactly what our customers desire and ensure that their full designs and business styles are portrayed through their signs.

If you are looking for an in-depth team who will research everything your business requires to ensure your signage shows your business for who you truly are, call John Anthony Signs today. Our team will be able to start the process of getting your project started.





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