External, internal and architectural... LED, fluorescent, fibre optic and neon... acrylic, vinyl, bronze, aluminium and stainless steel... Our Signage Manufacturers produce every conceivable kind of bespoke signage and graphics, as well as painstakingly produced individual letters that can be moulded, flat cut, engraved or built up.

Our starting point is that nothing is impossible – but we never make a promise that we can’t keep. Our team of signage manufacturers regularly take on and successfully deliver the jobs that others turn away.

Our factory in Rayleigh has twenty thousand square feet of space with all the in-house facilities that we need: acrylic department, metalworking, spray shop, screen shop, digital print and router cutting. This means that we have the resources under our own control to be flexible and always able to respond fast.

As an experienced group of signage manufacturers, we use cutting-edge technology in many parts of our manufacturing process. And yet it’s also true that the quality we insist on – for example achieving perfectly formed and bevelled individual letters that correspond exactly to the typeface – often calls for traditional handcrafting skills. What matters is the result: beautiful, perfect and hard wearing signs that remain as good as the day they were made for many years to come.

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Here at John Anthony Signs, we are experts in the manufacture of signage of all shapes and sizes. We understand the true importance of every one of our customers' brands and will always ensure that we deliver the highest quality products using nothing but high-quality materials to guarantee durability.

Our expert design team will work closely with our production department to guarantee that your signage is manufactured to your exact specifications.

We have the capabilities to manufacture your signage with specialist design and knowledge and our team of experts will be here to assist you throughout the whole process. From the first initial enquiry to final production. We will ensure that each part of the manufacturing process is completed with you in mind to create your perfect sign, as well as guaranteeing that we keep close contact throughout the whole production and installation process also.

Our highly professional team has the ability to manufacture your signage to the greatest standard coupled with a vast amount of experience and knowledge within the industry can accommodate every one of our clients so that we can deliver the most intricate and challenging projects.

Every sign that we manufacture is guaranteed to meet our clients' requirements within a timely manner without missing any pieces of attention to detail, ensuring that each product is made at the highest quality with the durability of the product in mind.


Our UK based factory has all in-house facilities which mean that our signage manufacture can be achieved faster and at higher volume and is managed by our skilled fabricators. Having an in-house manufacturing team also means that every one of our clients' expectations is met, no matter how big or small your project is. Manufacturing in-house means we can have complete control over the quality of the products that are produced as well as ensuring that we are within time management and within budgets. It also means that any queries or changes you may have about your product can be addressed quickly, without having to go through a third party.

Our signage design and manufacture capabilities will guarantee that every part of our signage production is consistent with your brand and the message you are wanting to portray. We will ensure that all of your signage from the entrance to the car park signage adheres to all your brand guidelines.

One of the most important factors with our signage production is client approval. Throughout the process, we will ask for your approval every single step of the way, so that not only are you entirely satisfied with the manufacturing process, but so we exceed your expectations too.

From the moment we carry out the initial survey of your site, we will ensure that quality signage design and manufacture are guaranteed, every step of the way. Once the initial survey is carried out, we will then begin to create your branded signage to comply with your guidelines.

With John Anthony Signs, we want to prove a fantastic service from our manufacturing services to our installation services. We are a company that will exceed your expectations.





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