Signage Maintenance

How do you make sure that your signage stays in perfect condition? Many clients call on our signage maintenance service - normally carried out once or twice a year – to keep their signs looking every bit as good as the day they were first installed.

This typically includes cleaning, any repairs, electrical checks and maintenance, and the treatment of any timber. We can also respond immediately to rectify any damaged signs that may look unsightly or pose a danger to the public.

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Once you have had your signage installed, whether that being inside your premises or on the exterior of your premises, it is crucial to keep it well maintained. If your signage begins to look worn and unmaintained this will reflect entirely on your brand, meaning you want to keep your signage looking attractive and in working order.

Signage maintenance should be something you are proactively doing. Routine maintenance on your signage means you will spot signs that you need to have repairs or replacements done. Simple maintenance that you can do is looking for glitches within the daily operations of the sign. With digital signage, this is something that can be the start bigger problems that can occur at a later date. Another key factor to think about with your signage is outdated content. If you have the same message being shown for the past few years, simple maintenance can mean updating this, not just repairing structural damage. If you have noticed broken portions of the sign, this could lead to electrical faults. If the casing of your sign is damaged you do not want the electrical components becoming damaged.

Our dedicated maintenance team is here to ensure that your signage is maintained to look as good as new. We understand the stresses of having signage that begins to look worn and ends up reflecting negatively on to your business, so whether you are looking for professional cleaning, repairs or electrical checks, each maintenance project is as important as the next.

With digital signage, you may notice that on the outside everything looks as good as new, but behind the scenes, it is crucial that your sign has regular updates (similar to computers) to make sure that they are working to their full potential.


A key factor when it comes to digital signage is to change up the messaging. This is the piece of information that advertises you, so if you have dated upcoming events or out of date discounts, your signage is going to start making your business look stale and dated.

With our highly experienced team who are committed to working within a timely manner and safe environment, we pride ourselves with building long-lasting customer relationships, from the initial contact regarding your signage to routine maintenance we will support you and your business.

We also understand the stress of having your business open and having to have maintenance done, so we promise to work around your schedule to try and cause as little to no disruption.

Having routine maintenance done will ensure that it will help extend the life expectancy of your sign, as well as ensure that your product is entirely safe. Our team of maintenance experts have a keen eye for detail, meaning they will pick up on any potential deflects in the sign. Should our maintenance team discover any issues we will promptly let you know and will perform repairs to ensure that your signage is back in working order in no time.

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