JAS Founding Member

In 2018, JAS celebrated 50 years of trading and as part of our celebrations, we were pleased to invite back one of the founding members of staff from the company’s inception, Dennis Jackson.

Dennis joined as an installation engineer on the equivalent of 50p an hour back in 1968.

He remembers the days before power drills were invented and standing on a 20ft trestle board suspended in the air between two 18ft ladders with no hand rails! He also remembers 60ft ladders with no harness and the ladders bending like ‘bananas!’

Luckily Dennis survived these pre-health and safety days and worked for JAS until he retired at the age of 73.

Dennis left his legacy as his son; Dennis Jackson Junior still works at JAS to this day.

It was an honor to have him join us again at our manufacturing plant in Rayleigh.


Left: David Fagg, Sales & Marketing Director

Mid: Dennis Jackson

Right: Frank Atton, Managing Director

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