XL Catlin

XL and Catlin recently merged to become XL Catlin with a combined total capital of $17 billion. They are one of the worlds leading insurance and reinsurance underwriters. They serve clients in more than 160 countries and are leaders in their field.

As part of the merger, XL Catlin had a legal requirement to rebrand all of their key sites by 4th May 2015 so John Anthony Signs, working closely through a design agency, had to complete all of their key sites across the globe in 10 days.

Sites included Bermuda, Chicago, Dublin, Munich, New York, Singapore and Zurich to name a few.

The launch was a great success, which is confirmed in the extract from an email below:

“Just to say, once again, on behalf of the ream here, thank you for your phenomenal efforts these past ten days to deliver against the odds, and at so many locations.

This could not have taken place without you, so truly appreciated.

Thank you.”


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