Design Bridge

John Anthony Signs were pleased to welcome a team of designers from Design Bridge to help them understand sign manufacturing, avoid ‘sky hooks’ and receive inspiration for upcoming signage projects. It was great chatting through their ideas and sharing some of our expert knowledge to assist their team. We were really pleased with their article that was posted after their visit, which seemed to grasp our eye for detail and high quality sign manufacturing.

See below a few quotes from their article:

“These guys do not sacrifice on the quality of the end product. They are exceptional at creating bespoke signage no matter the size or the requirements and that is probably what we like most: they are willing to push the boundaries and find new and innovative ways to make things happen… a philosophy close to our hearts”.

“I guess the main point I’m making, is that when most of us walk down the high street, we don’t realise how much tender love and craft is put into creating shop signs, and how much expertise is necessary to create one of high quality. Of course there are signs and there are SIGNS”.

“So we came back pretty impressed and inspired”. – Design Bridge

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