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Transform the environment of your academy with aspirational graphics

It is a well-known fact that the environment in which we work, study, live and play can affect us quite deeply, both emotionally and psychologically.

It is no secret that this is why so many schools, colleges and universities are joining the environmental graphics revolution to inspire and positively influence their students.

By implementing large, exciting, colourful, aspirational graphics on to large blank walls, an education facility can be transformed and a strong subliminal message sent to students and teachers alike.

If the graphics are combined with positive use of the school brand (such as a crest) and strong brand-orientated wayfinding across the school, a sense of identity can be created.

John Anthony Signs has 45 years experience of working in all-market sectors, including the education sector, and can help you realise the full potential of environmental graphics, wayfinding and general signage.

John Anthony Signs offers a full turnkey solution, from a free consultation and wayfinding report to design and visualisation, manufacture through to final installation.


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